Sports betting tips

Below you can read about a few things that are important to consider if you want to become a successful bettor.

Best odds

oddsAlways place your bets where you get the best odds. Even a small difference in the odds can have a large impact on your chances of making money betting on sports. Getting an extra 0.05 in odds for every bet you place really does make a large difference and can be the difference between success and failure.

Use an odds comparison website to make sure that you always place every bet where you get the highest odds for the game. If you want to bet a combination, then you should place the bet where you get the highest total odds. Make sure to keep an account with several sport betting sites so that you know that you can always place the bet where you get the best odds.


Sports betting is all about skill. It is impossible to know everything about every sport. It is impossible to stay up to date with everything that is happening all sports. If you try to know everything you might become very knowledgeable but your knowledge about individual sports will pale in comparison with that of people who choose to focus their attention on one single sport. Focus on a single sport is beneficial since this allows you to be a lot more knowledgable about that sports then you would otherwise be able to be. Being very knowledgeable about one sport makes it easier to place winning bets.

One sport is enough for you to be able to place all the bets you want and your goal should not be to place as many bets as possible. It should be to place the right bets. Your goal should be to maximize your win /loss ratio. Doing this is easier if you focus. Focusing your attention to one sport make it easier to spot games that have a higher or lower odds than you think they should have based on your knowledge.


Stay detached

If you want to win money as a sports bettor you should make your head, not your hearth make the decisions. I, therefore, recommend that you refrain from betting on games where you have an emotional connection to one of the teams. An emotional connection can cloud your judgment and cause you do be unduly optimistic or pessimistic about a teams chances. Only bet on events where you do not care about the outcome.

Some people can stay objective and bet on teams they have an emotional attachment to, but most can not. This is why I recommend that you avoid betting on these events. If you are one of the few who can stay objective then you can ignore this advice. But make sure to track your results to see if you really are as objective as you think. You might find that your win rate is lower then you think for these games.

Less popular sport

There are some benefits to focusing your betting to a less popular sport or a less popular league. Choosing to gamble on a less popular sport will result in you find fewer games to bet on, but the fact that the sport is less popular also means that fewer people will bet on the events offered. This, in turn, will mean that the sportsbook but less effort into making sure that they set the odds correctly and this makes it easier to find value when you specialize in a less popular sport or lower division. It is a lot easier to know more about the sports then the people setting the odds if you focus on a less popular sport. It is very hard to become a world-class expert on soccer. It is a lot easier to become a world-class expert on UK division 2 soccer.

Focusing on a less popular sports make it possible to have a higher win rate but will leave you with fewer games to bet on, it is up to you decide if it is worth the trade off or not.