betssonBetsson is a Swedish gambling operator that can trace its roots to 1963. Back then, they offered casino gambling in bars. Today Betsson is a large gambling behemoth that offers many different types of betting online including poker, sports betting, casino, bingo, and horse racing. All Betsson websites are operated from Malta and use a gambling license from Malta. Betsson also has licenses from a number of other jurisdictions that require a national license to operate an online casino. Sweden is a good example of this.

Betsson has acquired several other gaming companies including Betsafe and a large stake in Global Gaming. They have an agreement with a Chinese state-owned company to develop online gambling products for the Chinese markets.

Betsson is known as a well-run casino and sportsbook. The poker section is less well-liked and can not compete with Full tilt poker or Pokerstars. The giants in the online poker industry.

Betsson is a good sport betting website to register with.

Events to bet on

Betsson offers a great sports betting section. The sports betting site keeps the same high quality as the casino and the poker room.

The bulk of the events that you can bet on with Betsson is soccer events. This is true in most sports bok. Soccer is the most popular sport to bet on worldwide. It is also the most popular sport to bet on in Europe. The main market for Betsson. Betsson offers tens of thousand different bets you can place on soccer.

Betsson also offers a large selection of tennis that you can bet on. Tennis is the second most popular sport to bet on in many areas. You can bet on most professional tennis.

Golf is another popular sports to bet on. Betsson offers a large selection of PGA and the European tour.

During the winter you will find a lot of hockey to bet on. Betsson offers betting on most games in the NHL and the top European league such as the Swedish hockey league. They also offer a selection of lower-tier games to bet on.

Besides the sports i have mentioned above Betsson offer a wide selection of other sports to bet on. Among the sports you will find Basketball, baseball, American football, rugby, cricket, dart, pool, sailing, boxing, MMA, and many other sports. They also offer betting on esports such as DOTA, StarCraft, CSGO, fortnite, overwatch, and many other e-sports.

Betsson offers a selection of sport and entertainment events that you can bet on. Examples of things you bet on include elections, award shows, Eurovision song contest, Dancing with the starts, and Brittains got talent.

betsson sportsbetting


Betsson offers competitive odds in line of those you can find when betting in other leading sportsbooks. Use a comparison website t see if the odds offered by Betsson s the best available or if you can find better odds somewhere else.

Live betting

Betsson offers a good selection of live betting options. You can place a wide selection of different types of bets on a wide variety of different games. They do not offer live betting on all sports events that you can bet on, but they do offer live betting on all larger events, on all televised events that attract a lot of viewers.

Betsson offers a great selection of live betting options for boxing fans. They also offer good live betting options for soccer and hockey.

Mobile betting

Betsson offers a great mobile website. The website is well designed, easy to use, and give you access to a wide selection of different events to bet on. Most of the bets that you can place on the regular website can be placed on the mobile website. If you want to you can also play poker and casino games on your mobile. Playing poker requires you to download the poker app.

The sports betting section of the mobile website is very good and works well on both Android and iOS. We have not tried it with Windows nor blackberry. We think it would work but can not grantee it.

The mobile betting site offers a good selection of live betting options so that you can bet on a game regardless of where you watch it. You can bet from the friend’s sofa, from the sports bar or from the arena.

Customer service

Good customer service has been the focus of Betsson since day one. They want to make sure that every interaction with customer service is a positive one. This is apparent when you contact the customer service as you get quick and friendly replies. The customer service will, unfortunately, in some cases use copy-pasted standard answers to questions. This can be a good effective way to be able to answer questions quickly but sometimes misses the nuances of the question.

Our experience with customer service is overall good. The average response time for our test emails were 90 minutes during business hours. If we sent an email outside of business hours we usually received a reply within the first 2 hours of the following business day.

You can contact the customer service via email, telephone and live chat. We recommend using emails since we feel that this is the best method to contact support.

Banking options

It is important that it easy to deposit and withdraw money from a sports betting website. Betsson knows this and tries to provide their customers with a wide selection of different payments methods Almost everyone can find a banking option that suits their needs. Some of the baning options allow you to start gambling right away. Other methods such as bank transfers require a few days before the money is available in your account. International wire transfers can take up to 5 business days to complete but usually completes a lot faster than that.

Examples of banking options that you can use to deposit and withdraw money include VISA, MasterCard (Only deposit), different e-wallets such as skrill and bank transfer.